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Disruptive technologies like web, mobile, IoT, big data, mobility, cloud, AI, Blockchain, VR/AR/MR, machine learning, and automation are impacting  business models and their IT landscape. Businesses are under pressure to drive competitive advantage and business growth by leveraging emerging technologies

Our team helps businesses better understand disruptive technologies, implement agile principles, and take a strategic approach to disruptive technologies. Using a holistic approach, we help our clients define, design and execute strategies that optimize costs and quality while creating new revenue streams. Our technology consultants leverage innovative solutions and deep domain expertise to develop short- and long-term strategies aligned with your business goals, Technology environment, skill stack and compliance. The end result is superior performance along with the ability to leverage technology advancements for measurable business outcomes.


Industry Focused Services

IT Strategic Advisory

We help companies establish a strategy for aligning IT initiatives with business goals, thus allowing organizations to deliver IT services in a way that supports business priorities. Having the right strategy will make it easier to better anticipate critical business requirements, allocate resources and deliver projects more efficiently.

Technology Delivery

We help materialize ideas from concept to implementation with our team comprising of the right mix of functional and technical professionals who align industry leading solutions with business needs and goals.

Human Capital Solutions

Our On-Demand Staff Augmentation is helping businesses plug the shortage of skilled IT talent in specialized areas that impact their ability to grow and compete. Ethos Binary’s ‘Talent-as-a-Service’ model allow access to a vast pool of technical resources—for one day to one year, be it on-shore, off-shore or near-shore.

Product Innovation

We help you form the best team who are excited in leveraging technology in new and unexpected ways to bring your ideas to life. Our diverse experience helps us identify technologies that are ripe for cross-pollination as well as those that are coming down the cost curve and are available to solve problems in new markets. This process typically begins with research and ends with proof-of-concept prototyping to prove out the solutions.

IBM Solutions

As an IBM Partner Ethos Binary through its experienced consultants, helps businesses implement IBM technology solutions, systems, processes and initiatives required to make your businesses competitive. With IBM’s industry leading solutions and the best in class consultants we simplifying Commerce, Analytics, AI, Cloud and Data offerings to businesses. Our On-Demand IBM consulting solutions are well appreicated in the industry. We collaborate to make the integration of IBM solutions easy so that you can focus on what’s important: Driving your business forward.

IBM Services

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